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Centre of oil industries

Ouargla, Algeria

Ouargla could have been a nice stopover, but is very dominated by the oil industry, as there are many plants inside a radius of 100 km, and Ouargla the largest settlement of the area. Old times Ouargla was the centre of trading of gold and slaves, as well as being an important centre of the Khariji sect Ibadiyy. The Ibadiyys are these days gone to M'zab.
Should you pass through, or even decide to spend some time here, the museum represents the best tourist attraction, as it has a couple of good exhibitions of Saharan handicraft. At night, the orange glow from the burn-offs at the oil plants, might be something to interest you. Shopping of sand roses here, might be a good idea, they come in impressive sizes out here in Ouargla.

Eat and Sleep
Overpriced hotels, a camp ground and a hostel, and some basic restaurants.

Very good bus and taxi connections to all likely destinations.

By Tore Kjeilen