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Over a million palm trees

Touggourt, Algeria

Touggourt is the centre of a large region, and an vast area producing some of the best dates to be found in the world, very long degletu n-nuur. Algeria has probably the World's best dates, and Touggourt is responsible for a large part of Algeria's total produce.
As a city, Touggourt is a bit disappointing,- it has been turned into a administrative centre without character. The old centre is disappearing, giving room for square, boring brick and cement houses. The old centre is charming while it lasts, quite a labyrinth of winding and covered streets. The marketplace is also a place to visit, as it on Fridays has a large number of vendors coming in to town. Fruit and vegetables are dominating here.

Eat and Sleep
OK on hotels, but be careful on getting the best possible value for your money. Restaurants are either in the hotels, or you settle for basic joints in town centre.

Air flights to Algiers. Trains to Biskra. Buses will bring you to all likely places, as well as to nearby villages. Taxis are well competing with buses in flexibility, but beware that virtually all buses leave early in the morning.

By Tore Kjeilen