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1. Well protected on the summit


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Ksar as military stronghold
Few, if any, of the south-Tunisian ksars exhibits better protection against thieves and villains than the ksar of Zammour. In order to get to the ksar, you will have to climb the mountain a couple of hundred metres. At the point where you reach the top, there is no place that would help any form of attack.

Zammour, Tunisia

What you, as a visitor, get in return is stunning views. To your west are the scattered houses of Zammour village — far more scattered than what is usual in Tunisia. The distance between each house might be an indication of the success of the ksar: Everybody knew that the wealth (food) of Zammour was so well protected, that there was no reason to make any form of attack.
The ksars are fairly modest — Zammour has never had more than some few hundred inhabitants. No part of it rises above two floors, but there is one part of the ksar which makes it a bit different from others: The ground is paved with flagstones.

By Tore Kjeilen