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Capitol of the circular basin
Thelepte, Tunisia

Thelepte, Tunisia

The remains of Roman Thelepte truly calls for little attention. Although you can measure up that it must have been a great city once, so little remains now.
There is a fortified city centre which is impossible to photograph, which overlooks the seasonal river. In its northeastern corner lies the Capitol.
As for the Capitol there is one quite interesting element; its circular inner court (second photo). I have tried to find out which purpose it may have had, but it seems that there was a door into it, about a metre up from the ground. In the courtyard there may have been a column, or even a shaft leading deep into the ground.
The best preserved building is a church on the other side of the little forest. Few of the thin columns stand more than a metre high, but the apsis is in fine condition, almost resembling the circular court of the Capitol.

Thelepte, Tunisia

A church with the layout clearly visible.

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing nearby, the nearest options are at Kasserine (Cillium) 35 km north, or Gafsa 70 km south.

Restaurants and alternatives
There are some basic restaurants in Feriana 5 km south, otherwise Kasserine or Gafsa. Both are noted for their lack of good-value restaurants.

Change Money
According to our reports, Feriana has a bank with normal change services. Otherwise go for the banks in either Kasserine of Gafsa.

You may arrange for a taxi ride from Feriana out to Thelepte. It is best to have it wait for you, most visitors will see the interesting parts within 30 minutes. To and from Feriana, connections are easy to find, both to Kasserine and Gafsa, or further beyond.

By Tore Kjeilen