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1. Hillside theatre

2. The impressive mausoleum

3. Other (crashed) sights


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"Secret" Roman ruins
Cillium, Tunisia

Cillium, Tunisia

Nobody comes to the Roman ruins of Cillium; according to the friendly caretaker near by the theatre, there are about 100 tourists a year! Isn't that almost a reason by itself to visit? I think that you will rewarded, not from the abundance of sights here, but from their quality and beauty. And it is just 38 km from Sbeītla.
Cillium was a rich city of its time, thriving off its rich agriculture and proximity to the peoples of Numidia.
There are 3 superb remains at Cillium; the triumphal arch shown here, the hillside theatre and the impressive mausoleum.

Hotels and alternatives
Kasserine, 3 km from Cillium, has a handful of hotels, and there is one next to the ruins of Cillium, called "Cillium". Kasserine's hotels are simple but adequate, while the hotel at Cillium is slightly upmarket. According to some reports this is badly run these days, but my impression was not dramatic at all.

Restaurants and alternatives
Simple restaurants in Kasserine, and also at Hotel Cillium.

Change Money
Kasserine has a few banks.

Good, either with shared taxis or buses. Due to Kasserine's size, it serves as a local transport hub, and you will easily connect from here to anywhere else in Tunisia. Sbeitla is 40 km east, Gafsa 105 km south, Le Kef 150 km north.

By Tore Kjeilen