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1. Great mosque

2. Other 17th century mosques


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Still Andalucia
We have to go back to Spain of early 17th century. With the Reconquesta Spain should once and for all get rid of its past of Muslim dominance. All people that were Muslims, or who belonged to a family that had been Jewish or Muslim some generations ago,- and you could never know if they still practiced their old religion in secrecy,- well they had all to leave the holy Spain.

Testour, Tunisia

New communities popped up in North Africa following this. The land of Testour was granted the unwilling immigrants, those who could not afford to resettle in chic Tunis, in 1609.
The people started immediately to reshape the styles and shapes they were used to. Testour has not lost its old touch, and few places in Tunisia even comes close, in reminding you of the best of Andalucian Spain.

Testour, Tunisia

The Great Mosque was put up with all that should demonstrate the pride of the refugees. But Testour was not only a Muslim town, and was deep into the 20th century a town with a sizeable Jewish community and had a pilgrimage at the tomb of Rabbi Fraji Chawat attended by Jews from all over Tunisia.

By Tore Kjeilen