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Sidi Daoud

Sidi Daoud

1. Fishermen


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Tuna fishing
Sidi Daoud, Tunisia

Sidi Daoud is the one primary centre of tuna fishing and canning in Tunisia. Every May, long nets are stretched out from land for several kilometres. The nets run to a depth of about 30 metres.
The shoal of tuna passing through this part of the Mediterranean coast once a year, are scared into the net trap. The nets are gradually hauled together by fishing boats, and the tuna is killed by fishermen who have jumped into the nets, and stab each fish while the sea turns red.

Sidi Daoud, Tunisia

The canning factory runs through May and June. The rest of the year the village of Sidi Daoud is a sleepy little place, and not much to visit.

By Tore Kjeilen