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Sidi Ali el-Mekki

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The clean beach
Sidi Ali el-Mekki, Tunisia

Not very far from Raf Raf, a much better beach is found, the one of Sidi Ali el Mekki. The place has a nice touch, looking back at the history of pirates, who were so efficient that Sir Drake attacked and destroyed the city in the 17th century. Later the Ottoman beys tried to make it into a naval base, since the lagoon in front of it. Connected to the sea by a small channel, seemed to be ideal for housing warships. But silt soon filled the lagoon, and today it is no more than a sleepy and friendly fishing village here.
Today's Sidi Ali el Mekki is not big, it is actually so small that it will make you wonder if this is the place. There are some few houses in from the beach, but the beach is full of people during summer. Yet, it is not crowded.

Sidi Ali el-Mekki, Tunisia

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing, but if you bring a tent, you can camp together with many Tunisian families down near the beach.

Restaurants and alternatives
Just a café near the parking lot.

Not much, most people coming out here are families.

Change Money
Nothing. Go back to Tunis or Bizerte for this.

No buses out to Sidi Ali el Mekki, but you might be lucky in hitching from Ghar el Melh (6 km). Walking this way is not the most pleasant, as the road shoulder is narrow.

By Tore Kjeilen