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Raf Raf

Raf Raf

1. Crowded and friendly

2. Beautiful arrival


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All set apart
The beach of Raf Raf is really beautiful and its setting is clearly among the finest in all of Tunisia. Arriving in Raf Raf is quite spectacular, as the road climb across the mountain before the sea port appears beneath you. Once on the beach, the offshore cliff is there like tempting you to make the swim. But it looks like it is too far off, except for the most able swimmers.
Unfortunately, the beach here can be littered at times, many Tunisians still believe in the right to just loose their garbage where ever they may be. But we have received reports that things have improved in Raf Raf over the recent years.

Raf Raf, Tunisia

Raf Raf is a very popular summer resort among Tunisians, and there are few foreigners coming here. Most Tunisians who come here are families, who often camp, or go home to Bizerte or Tunis in the evening. Apart from the fantastic setting of the arrival, where you look over the beach and the bay sheltering it, there is little to see around here.
For anyone interested in real old Tunsian coastal architecture, the village of Ghar el Melh is compulsory for any visitor to Raf Raf.

By Tore Kjeilen