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1. Byzantine fortress


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Ruins without visitors
Sbiba, Tunisia
Sbiba is the modern village, built on the same place as the original Roman Sufes. Of Sufes, only two structures still stand. On top of the highest hill of the village lies what appears to have been a temple. I have found no information as to its real purpose, or to what deity it was dedicated. The other structure is a Byzantine fortress.
The temple is now really just a heap of columns, but with the outline well preserved. The lower metre or so of the walls has also survived the centuries. A sign in front of it tells that much of the structure was brought to Kairouan to help build the first Muslim structures in the country.

Sbiba, Tunisia

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing nearby, the nearest options are at Sbeitla 40 km south, Le Kef 85 km north or Kasserine 80 km south. Le Kef is the better of the three.

Restaurants and alternatives
There are some basic restaurants in Sbiba village. Otherwise Sbeitla or Le Kef.

Change Money
According to our reports, there is no bank here. Change money at Sbeitla or Le Kef.

The most sensible thing for travelling to or from Sbiba is to connect first to Sbeitla or Le Kef, then a shared taxi or bus to Sbiba. From there it is only a short walk to the two ruins, and people are happy to help indicate directions.

By Tore Kjeilen