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1. Building of Aesclepia

2. Theatre

3. Capitol

4. Temple

5. House of Sixteen Bases


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Roman Althiburos
Medeina, Tunisia

Excellent remains of a fountain. It stands at one corner of the Forum.

Medeina, Tunisia

Looking down in the paved road, running through the Forum, connecting the theatre with the Capitol.

Should you be able to make it out here, Medeina has attractive remains of the Roman city of Althiburos. Back then, the city stood right on the highway between Carthage and Tebessa (now Algeria).
This stands in stark contrast to the present landscape, which is dominated by undulating hills with few inhabitants and vast distances between the villages.
Medeina is off the beaten track for most visitors, it isn't even mentioned in Lonely Planet Tunisia. But both the capitol, the paved road and the theatre are interesting. More unique however is the Building of Aesclepia and the House of Sixteen Bases.

By Tore Kjeilen