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Ksar Jouama

Ksar Jouama

1. The zawiyya

2. Ksar on the overhang


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Ghurfas with the closed zawiyya
There are several attractions to the tiny Ksar Jouama. The first is the drive up the terrible cart road. The second is the great arrangement of the ghurfas — nothing impressive or grand, but strict, well arranged and narrowing until they reach the end of the mountain top platform.

Ksar Jouama, Tunisia

The third attraction are the grand views over the valley beneath running along a 300 degree angle. The fourth attraction is the strange and uncommon zawiyya, which is formed like three ghurfas next to one another, chalked in white, but without a door or any kind. Strange!

Ksar Jouama, Tunisia

That's more or less it. The ghurfas are quite standard for this part of Tunisia, and there are more complex structures to be found in places like Ksar Hadada and Ksar Ouled Soltane. But after you have descended from the mountain top of Ksar Jouama, do not forget to stop to behold it a last time from the new village of the same name as the ksar itself. Ksar Jouama offers some of the finest views of any mountain top ksar there is.

By Tore Kjeilen