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Ksar Hallouf

Ksar Hallouf

1. The tiny oasis


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Ksar of the oasis
The ksar of Hallouf has one of the most attractive locations of all in southern Tunisia. When you arrive here, you first pass through a tiny oasis, that is part of the oued (seasonal river) that runs through this valley. Even in summer, this oasis, together with the shade from the trees, appear fresh.

Ksar Hallouf, Tunisia

This is the only part of the ksar that is in use — as a hotel. To the left of the picture there is even a reasonable restaurant.

As you climb up the steep road from the oasis, the ksar looks quite impressive. But as soon as you arrive, you might become a bit disappointed. The courtyard is quite huge compared to the two-floor ghurfas, and by having a convex shape it dwarfs the ghurfas even more. With the powerful mountains as a backdrop, the ghurfas has a tendency of almost disappearing, as you can see on the picture below. Ksar Hallouf, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen