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1. Tiny town

2. Houses

3. The cliffs


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Rocks and springs
Korbous is a landscape of its own, set in between mountains too savage to allow many inhabitants. Around Korbous there many isolated, white and dramatic beaches.
If you have a car, driving along the undulating mountains side is a great experience, rugged and with a couple of breathtaking views. A few isolated places even have green vegetation around a spring, but the barren mountain quickly takes over again.

Korbous, Tunisia

The village of Korbous is like a mirage. It is like you almost suspect that there will be no town here, and then suddenly the mountain opens up just a little bit, but enough to have allowed this weird microscopic settlement, set here around a few springs.
For a long time, Korbous has had an exotic image and the thermal baths have been popular as long as people can remember. A walk out to the Zarziha Rock is interesting. The place has been used by infertile women for centuries. They slide down it, and now it is soft and polished.

By Tore Kjeilen