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1. Bird lagoons


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Birdwatcher's stopover

Korba, Tunisia

Korba, Tunisia

Korba is a nice place for birdwatchers travelling on the Cap Bon. In the lagoons and salt marshes just north of the town, an abundant birdlife is found. Flamingoes, spoonbills and avocets are found in the spring, migrants in spring and fall, and ducks during winter time. Getting out there, and staying there is simple enough.
If you want to make your visit to Korba a serious one, there is a market at Sundays and some Roman remains.
The lagoons of Korba, extemely easy to find, being east of town and straight in between the road the sea, is this parts only claim to fame. But it is a good one. It is usually held up as one of the best birdwatching areas of the country.
The most common bird here are flamingos, in winter both young and grown, while young can be seen all through the year. In spring there is also an abundance of spoonbills and avocets, and in winter plenty of ducks.
In spring and automn there are many migrant birds here, too.

Hotels and alternatives
There are relatively few places to sleep here, and the ones you can choose between are all medium priced. Their quality, however, don't always reflect the price level.
Anyone on a budget will have to resort to camping, principally out near the beach.

Restaurants and alternatives
There are some few nice options for eating in Korbous.

The bar in Hotel An Oktor (about 3 km west of Korbous) is popular, and with a fantastic view over the Gulf of Tunis.

Change Money
There are no banks in Korbous. Do this in Tunis, Hammam Lif, Hammamet, Nabeul or El Haouaria, depending on where you're coming from.

There are irregular buses running through Korbous, connecting principally to Soliman (a town in the middle between Hammam Lif and Hammamet). There are also some shared taxis, doing the same stretch.

While Korbous is pretty, this place is first and foremost known for its healing springs, where hot water is used to heal or cure numerous diseases. Some of these springs can be used right on the spot, while the ones in Korbous have to be enjoyed through one of the hotels.

By Tore Kjeilen