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1. Punic port

2. Tophet with child sacrifice

3. Antonine baths

4. Punic remains on Byrsa Hill

5. The museum

6. Building with columns

7. Theatre

8. Archaeological garden

9. Cathedral on Byrsa Hill


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Cathedral on Byrsa Hill
Carthage, Tunisia

The fact that the cathedral of St. Lous on the hill over Carthage still stands is rather surprising. It is indeed a monument over some historical incidents that the present Tunisian state would have all possible reason to disapprove of.
It was built in the 1890's on the spot where the French king Louis 9 died in 1270. He was setting out on a "crusade" where he attempted to convert the Muslim Hafsid ruler El Mustansir. During the siege of Tunis, the king died, and was later canonized.
In the 1930's a grand conference was held here by the French Catholic Church, that proclaimed the revival of Africa's Christian heritage. It is said that this conference provoked Habib Bourgiba, and gave strength to his nationalist feelings.
Today the cathedral is used only for cultural purposes. Carthage, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen