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Beauty from slave money

One could cry about the demise of the city on the island Suakin, and the sad state of its coral buildings. But the once wealth of the city came from trading slaves. Slaves were transported out to Suakin, and then put on ships bringing them up to the Ottoman empire. This was a lucrative trade going on for some centuries, and the money in circulation made the beauty of Suakin possible. This beauty was recognized even in its time, and attempts to restore the buildings were commenced in 1881 by the Sudanese themselves.
Today the island has far more space than people. It was the establishement of the city of Port Sudan that killed it, as Sudan hardly can support more than one port only. But when one looks at what the harbour area of Port Sudan has been turned into, perhaps what happened was to the best after all.

Eat and Sleep
When the size of Suakin is considered, eating and sleeping is quite well here.

Mini buses cover the distance between Suakin and Port Sudan in an hour.

Going Next
50 km north: Port Sudan
600 km south: Kassala

By Tore Kjeilen