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Port Sudan

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The window out half closed

There is not much activity left in Port Sudan. Few boats land on the harbour, few locals carry goods around, few lorries cut their way out on the highway, and few trains run between the Read Sea terminus and the rest of the Sudan. But still Port Sudan is quite a big city, closing up on 300,000 inhabitants. And some feeling of the big world is till to be found, with sailors from different countries of the world, and there seems to be quite a lot of Chinese here. Town centre still has some charm, and nothing looks new anymore, and the place seems to be dying slowly. When something falls apart, nobody seems to have the force to repair it.
Diving is a possibility around here, and there are some organizations that can help you with trips and equipment. But nothing is run on a regular basis anymore, so don't feel alarmed if you have to wake somebody up, to get your services. And it's not all to cheap, and the cost feels even more painful as you have been accustomed to the Sudanese price level. Swimming is no problem, you just enter the minibus going for Suakin, and follow it some 20- 30 kilometres out of Port Sudan.

Eat and Sleep
Good on both.

Trains, buses, and lorries bring you south to the rest of Sudan. Air flights operate on Khartoum and Cairo in Egypt, as well as Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

Going Next
50 km south: Suakin
650 km south: Kassala

By Tore Kjeilen