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Temples into the desert

There is not all too much to see around Shendi, but the place is the only real base for explorations into the desert, for som temples belonging to Meroe culture. The closest to Shendi is the temple of Musawwarat, which is actually reconstructed, so that you'll actually don't need to rely on your imagination only. On a distance that will take you between one and two hours to cover, the temple of Naqa is found There are still some impressive structures left. The whole journey, leaving from Shendi, and ending up in Shendi, is made up of 120 slow kilometres.

Eat and Sleep
Bad on food, relatively acceptable on places to stay. Prices are low but reflect the quality level.

Buses, trains, and lorries. But getting on one of the crowded buses, and trains that hardly stop in Shendi, makes the process of getting away from here, a real challenge. Nobody around here have any plans to offer you their cherished seats inside the buses.

Going Next
150 km north: Atbara
50 km north: Meroe
150 km south: Khartoum

By Tore Kjeilen