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Old Sultanate capital

Nyala was the capital in the Sultanate of Fur from 15th century, and this kingdom lasted for several hundred years. Little is left of this past now. Much of the economical base of the city is wiped out after droughts in the 1980s. The situation of Nyala is one of its main attractions, just on the foot of the Darfur massif. Nyala serves in most cases as the base for treks going into these mountains, where Jabal Marra as the highest mountain around here, is the goal of most.

Eat and Sleep
OK on sleeping, even if there are no luxury possibilities.

There are no longer any trains running on Nyala, and there seems to be little on buses, too. Lorries will be your best choice, then, and these cover most destinations.

Going Next
200 km northwest: Jabal Marra
300 km north: El Fasher
600 km east: El Obeid

By Tore Kjeilen