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Battle ground

El Fasher is one of the most important places in the desolate western regions of the Sudan. Controlling this area did earlier mean control over the caravan traffic running through the desert.
This importance is gone now, and the town is no more than the commercial and administrative centre of a fairly poor region. In its heyday, a lot of wealth was assembled by the people living in El Fasher. The Sultanate of Fur had El Fasher as one of its principal cities, and the palace of the sultan still stands, and is accessible. It's now turned into a museum, and some of his ownings are there to see, among it his throne.

Eat and Sleep
Considering where you are, possibilities on eating and sleeping are OK.

Buses and lorries will be your first choice, even if there are som erratic air flights.

Going Next
350 km west: El Junayna
60 km north: Mellit
700 km east: El Obeid
300 km south: Nyala

By Tore Kjeilen