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Nuba Mountains

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A lost paradise

The Nuba Mountains has some of the greatest scenery of the Sudan, and is green and fruitful, with small, green valleys, and high mountains, and no roads. And far more pleasant temperatures than in most places of the Sudan. The people of these mountains, the Nuba, has a strong culture, involving no clothes, and strong emphasis on power and fighting. The Nuba has through articles and books been able to catch the fascination of many travellers. The fact that the Nuba had been very little touched by western influence, was something that intrigued many travellers, resulting in an influx of foreigners that resulted in a change in their culture. The dawn of money, turned some traditions into shows.
The politics of the Sudanese governments had an even more devastating affect. The primitiveness they saw in the Nuba traditions, was something a modern Sudan couldn't accept. Forcing the Nuba to dress was the first step, later there has been reports of regular genocide. But today, the area remains closed to foreigners, so nobody really knows what happens.

Eat and Sleep
You can sleep and eat in nearby small towns of Er Rahad and Kadugli. When in the mountains, you eat and sleep in the best manner you can figure out. There should not be too much danger involved in this.

Buses, lorries is your way of getting close to the mountain area. Inside the area, you should count on trekking. the whole area is some 30,000 sq km, and getting from one end to the other should not be able to do in 4- 5 days.

Going Next
150 km northwest: El Obeid
650 km west: Nyala
600 km north: Khartoum

By Tore Kjeilen