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Green south

Juba is supposed to be a very nice medium sized town in the green south of Sudan. It's the peoples of the region, and market activities that make Juba worth visit. And of course the excursions that can be made into the mountains further south. But at the present date, travelling down here is far too risky, and there are also very few reports from western travellers on how safety works down here. Amd as the civil war still seems to be somewhat far from a solution, things will probably not happen quite yet.

Eat and Sleep
OK on both, but things are still a bit uncertain.

Buses, lorries and steamers on the Nile will bring you to destinations in the north. If you plan on going south to Uganda, lorries will be your choice.

Going Next
1,400 km north: Khartoum
700 km north: Nuba Mountains
1,200 km northwest: Kafia Kingi
200 km south: UGANDA

By Tore Kjeilen