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National Park

There are two Dinders. The first is the village packed with people who treat you like you were a film star, and they couldn't mean less harm than they do. While you're around here, food will surely not be a big problem.
The village of Dinder is a natural base when you consider entering the Dinder national park. Rules and regulations change in Sudan, but some years ago a two day stay in the national park would easily cost you $200 to $300 in taxes to the governments. There are many other regions of Sudan just as attractive for the traveller not set on covering the whole of Sudan, but the park offers wild nature and a rich animal life. But conditions are difficult out here, food and water are things you should bring along.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing in the park. Simple food in the village Dinder, easy accomodation.

Lorries will bring you from some train station to the village Dinder. Moving into the national park, is quite difficult, but occasionally somebody drive down here. Then you might get a hike.

Going Next
300 km north: Wad Medani
500 km north: Kassala
600 km west: El Obeid

By Tore Kjeilen