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Agriculture and honeymooners

Wad Medani is a commercial centre of the Gezira agricultural district, and is mostly a place where people live. The number of inhabitants is apparently closing in on a million. Wad Medani has lively trading activities, with good suuqs. The beaches of Wad Medani are good, situated across the river, on the eastern river bank of the Blue Nile. The whole place is quite nice, and has more of modern facilities than most places in the Sudan (except the Khartoum area). Many Sudanese put their honeymoon to Wad Medani, and this adds to a fairly easygoing atmosphere.

Eat and Sleep
Quite good on food with some nice restaurants. Good on hotels, but prices are varying depending on the season. You should be careful on going here after Ramadan, which is the preferred month of marriages.

All kinds of transportation, and it's fairly easy to move around. But getting to the right station can be a problem.

Going Next
200 km north: Khartoum
500 km east: Kassala

By Tore Kjeilen