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1. Spanish lighthouse

2. Atlantic shores

3. 20 minutes of heaven?

4. Around town

5. Inland shores

6. Spanish relics


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Spanish lighthouse

Dakhla's lighthouse

Out of town, at a tiny little cape on the Atlantic shore, the old, still standing Spanish light house is found. Rising 240 steps, it is visible from most places within Dakhla town.
The long walk out here - you will discover that you underestimate the distance - is not paid back with great architecture, but with fantastic views. From the top of the light house, about half of the peninsula of Dakhla can be seen, and of course, all of Dakhla. It seems so terribly small from up here.
On the lower right photo you look back at Dakhla. Finding the way should be easy, cables run in a straight line back to town.

Dakhla's lighthouse

Dakhla's lighthouse

By Tore Kjeilen