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Centre of fertility

Zliten, Libya

Zliten, Libya

While Zliten is a nice little oasis town in itself, it is the zawiyyas, or turba, here that attract the large number of visitors, either Libyan pilgrims or curious visitors. There are more of these than anybody appears to be interested in counting. The main quality of the tombs is ferility, and in particular women come here and ask for a child or a boy.
Zliten is now adorned with a rather impressive modern site, the Sidi Abdusalam Mosque, which has been decorated by the same artisans that worked with the Hassan Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco. The quality of the work will impress most visitors.

Eat and Sleep
One hostel and one hotel. Zliten has a handful of small restaurants.

Buses and shared taxis in both eastern and western directions. Taxis are the best, as they pass through the centre of Zliten.

Going Next
40 km east: Misrata
40 km northwest: Leptis Magna
120 km northwest: Tripoli

By Tore Kjeilen