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The thriving city

Misrata, Libya

Misrata, Libya

Misrata, Libya

Misrata is very much a modern town, but represents one of the best examples of modern Libyan city architecture. Living standards here are somewhat higher than in many other Libyan cities. The steel mill and the newly expanded port have resulted in increased wealth and population.
Misrata has a handful of attractive sites of the more traditional kind. To the west is a sand dune which the locals call the world's largest. The memorial tower Koztik, is impressive but a bit strange as it is placed on a sand dune that has been strengthened by a concrete carpet. The suq of Misrata has a good collection of carpets woven in this part of Libya alone. And around most of Misrata, there are large groves of date palms and olive trees. Unfortuantely the farms that were built by Italians immigrants earlier this century, are not well attended to, and the agricultural output from the Misrata region is lower now than some decades ago.

Eat and Sleep
Misrata has excellent offerings of hotels and restaurants. You can get a little chalet at the beach for US$6 for one night (official exchange rates), while those with money can find first class places. Misrata is even better as restaurants are concerned.

Buses and taxis connect Misrata with Benghazi and Tripoli. There are air flights, too, but due to the lack of spare parts, these are not recommended.

Going Next
500 km south: Houn
250 km southeast: Sirte
200 km northwest: Tripoli

By Tore Kjeilen