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Valley of Kings

38. Tutankhamun

39. Ramses 9

40. Ramses 6

41. Ramses 3

42. Ramses 4

43. Ramses 2

44. Merneptah

45. Horemheb

46. Amenophis 2

47. Tawsert/ Sethnakht

48. Siptah

49. Tuthmosis 3

50. Seti 2

51. Seti 1

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Valley of the Kings: Seti 1

Luxor, Egypt: Valley of the Kings

Seti 1's tomb is the longest in the valley, with a total length of 120 metres. In addition, it is among the most beautiful, with reliefs as beautiful as the ones he had made for his temple at Abydos.
There is unfortunately one of the tombs most often closed for visitors. The reason is the fragility of the decorations. Much effort has been put into dehumidifying, but no permanent solution has yet been found.
As a matter of fact, your best choice for seeing the tomb is visiting the Louvre in Paris, France, or the Turin Museum in Turin, Italy, EU. Her you will find reliefs removed by European travellers in older days. Seti's sarcophagus lies in the Sir John Sloane Museum in London, UK, EU.
The tomb starts with several decorations with the sun as the central motif. Further in are passages from Book of Amduat and Book of the Gates.
Midway after continuing with the left shaft, you will see decorations showing the Ritual of the Opening of the Mouth.
As you enter the burial chamber, you will only see a hole in the ground where the sarcophagus was. Note that behind the burial chamber, there is a shaft that continues for another 46 metres. But it doesn't lead anywhere.
Luxor, Egypt: Valley of the Kings

Luxor, Egypt: Valley of the Kings

Luxor, Egypt: Valley of the Kings

By Tore Kjeilen