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Other spelling: Qizilbash

People originating from different tribes, who played a central part in the establishment of the Safavid Dynasty of Iran. Kizilbash are in many circumstances identified as a subgroup of Persians.
The Kizilbash have their name from Azeri language, meaning "Red Heads" due to their red headgear known in Persian as Tāje-e Haydari, "Haydar's crown."
Kizilbash have kept their identity, and live in central Iran, eastern Turkey and other countries outside the Middle East/North Africa.
Kizilbash live in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and even Pakistan. In Turkey they are largely identified with certain groups of Alevis.

1511: The Kizilbash, adherents of Shah Isma'il 1 of the Safavids, and rise in rebellion against Sultan Bayezid 2.

By Tore Kjeilen