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Ancient Sudan / Nubia / Cush /
Royal prenomen: Nimaatre

King of Cush around 760-747 BCE. The actual duration of the reign can only be set with approximation; his predecessor, Alara, is believed to have been king at least since 780.
Kashta ruled from Napata, it is believed that it was with him that it became the capital. From King Alara, he inherited a united Upper Nubia, stretching from the 3rd cataract to the region of MeroŽ. His achievement was to take control of Lower Nubia, which may well have been a thinly populated region of the time. He continued into Egypt, and he reached at least as far as Thebes, where he had his daughter, Amenirdis 1, installed as heiress to the office God's Wife of Amon, which soon would replace that of the High Priest. Effectively, this would pave the ground for the establishment of the Cushite 25th Dynasty of Egypt under the succeeding king, Piy.
Whether his name really was Kashta is uncertain, as this literally means "The Cushite." Kashta is attested from a stela found at Elephantine, in the temple dedicated to Khnum.
Kashta is believed to have been buried at al-Kurru, and usually his tomb is considered to have been a pyramid, even if his son, Piy's tomb is ranked as the first pyramid of Cush (see Nubian pyramids).
His wife was Pabatma.

Born around 800: Born into the royal family of Cush.
Around 760: King Alara dies, and Kashta succeeds him as king. Alara leaves behind a united Upper Nubia.
Around 750: Kashta's troops reach as far north as Thebes, where he installs his daughter as heiress to God's Wife of Amon.
747: Dies and is succeeded by his son, Piy.

By Tore Kjeilen