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City in northwestern Turkey with 140,000 inhabitants (2004 estimate) at the confluence where the Arac and Soganli Rivers become Yenice River. It is the capital of KarabŁk province with 230,000 inhabitants (2004 estimate).
KarabŁk has its own resources of dolomite and limestone, while coal and manganese is brought from Zonguldak and iron ore from Divrigi. This allows a varied, yet basic industry in KarabŁk, including a coking plant, blast furnaces, a foundry and tube works. There are also chemical plants that produce sulfuric acid and phosphates.
KarabŁk is well connected with other urban centres by both rail and road. Zonguldak is 130 km west, Divrigi 700 km southeast and Ankara 250 km south.

1940: The first major iron and steel complex is established here. At this time, KarabŁk is little but a hamlet, but well located.
1950's and 1960's: Great expansion and growth for the works, bringing equal growth for the city

By Tore Kjeilen