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Arabic: 'al-jadīda

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El-Jadida, Morocco.
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Ramifications of the former Portuguese fortifications from the era the place was known as Mazangan. Now El-Jadida, Morocco.

Lighthouse in El-Jadida, Morocco.
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Moroccans own tourist resort
Portuguese cistern
Portuguese town
Old harbour
Town beach

City in Morocco with 150,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate). El-Jadida is situated on the Atlantic Sea, south of Casablanca.
The economic base of the city are sardine fishing and tourism, as well as being a centre for agriculture in the region.

1513: Founded by the Portuguese, who called it Mazangan.
1769: The Moroccan sultan conqueres Mazangan. Much of their city was destroyed by the fleeing Portuguese.
1820: The city is starting to be repaired. The city is renamed to El-Jadida. The new inhabitants are Jews from Azzemour.
Around 1850: European immigration, which changes the shape of the city.
1912: The French turns El-Jadida into an administrative centre and a beach resort.

By Tore Kjeilen