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El Jadida

El Jadida

1. Portuguese cistern

2. Portuguese town

3. Old harbour

4. Miles of sand


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Moroccans own tourist resort

El-Jadida, Morocco

El-Jadida, Morocco

El-Jadida, Morocco

El-Jadida comes truly alive in summer. Its many, fine beaches attract primarily Moroccans on holidays, and there are extremely few Western tourists around here. Holidaying Moroccans are about as easygoing as you could wish for. No hassle and hustle, only great hospitality and curiosity. This happens everywhere, at the beach, in cafés, in bars, in the streets. Mingling hours, usually an hour or two in Morocco, may here strech five to six hours into late evenings.
With some patience and insight into its history the old Portuguese town can be rewarding, but everyone will appreciate the Portuguese Cistern.
In El-Jadida miles of sand begin right where the town centre ends.
Outside the city, some kilometres away, you can experience a moussem, which is a religious festival held in commemoration of a holy man inside popular Islam. This one in in July/August. It's fascinating to watch to what extent Muslims mix religion and trade. The whole festival area is made up of booths, and there are even a couple of discos, put up just for the moussem.

By Tore Kjeilen