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Cankiri, Turkey
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Old quarters of Cankiri.

Town in north-central Turkey with 60,000 inhabitants (2004 estimate) on the Aci River, a tributary to Kizil River, at 720 metres above sea level.
Cankiri's traditional activity of salt extraction is still of some importance. More important now is however agricultural products from the surrounding area, like grain and fruits. There is also a substantial production of silky wool from Angora goats, used to produce mohair.
Cankiri is well-connected with other urban centres by both rail and road. It lies on the Ankara–Zonguldak rail line. Ankara is 150 km southwest, Zonguldak 200 km northwest and Kirikkale 100 km south.
Cankiri is dominated by a Byzantine fortress now in ruins. The 16th century Great Mosque was designed the famous Ottoman court architect Sinan.
Cankiri was formerly known as Kangri.

We first hear of this town as capital for the Paphlagonian kings, when it was named Gangra.
6 BCE: Incorporated into the Roman province of Galatia, and named Germanicopolis.
1071 CE: Captured by the Seljuqs.
15th century: Falls to the Ottomans, and incorporated into their empire.

By Tore Kjeilen