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Bolu, Turkey

Town in northwestern Turkey with 75,000 inhabitants (2004 estimate) at an elevation of 740 metres above sea level. It is the capital of the Bolu province with 270,000 inhabitants (2004 estimate).
In addition to being a trade centre for the surrounding agricultural region, the industries of Bolu produce much leather products. There is also a women's teacher-training college and a school of forestry.
Bolu is well connected by road with other nearby urban centres. Ankara lies 175 km southeast, Izmit 200 km west and Istanbul 300 km west.
The city centre of Bolu is modern and quite standard. But the surrounding area is stunning. It is well-known its dense forests, lakes and modern hot spring facilities. There is a nearby ski sport resort.

2nd millenia BCE: Is part of the Hittite kingdoms.
5th century: Becomes one of the leading city of the Kingdom of Bithynia.
1325 CE: Conquered by the Ottomans, and becomes part of the emerging empire.

By Tore Kjeilen