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Other spelling: Bandyrma

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Bandirma, Turkey.
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Bandirma, Turkey. Photo: Dick Osseman.

Harbour of Bandirma, Turkey.
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Harbour. Photo: Dick Osseman.

City in northwestern Turkey with 100,000 inhabitants (2004 estimate) on the Sea of Marmara.
Bandirma is a commercial centre and its harbour serves as a transit point for trade between Istanbul and Izmir. There is also a rich production from the surrounding areas, covering products like cereals, sheep wool and meat, cattle, grain and the mineral boracite.
Bandirma has excellent road and rail connections with other urban centres. Istanbul is 150 km northeast (by boat), Bursa 100 km east, Balikesir 100 km south and Izmir 350 km southwest.
Rapidly rebuilt in the 20th century and turned into a trade post, Bandirma is sometimes mentioned as one of Turkey's ugliest cities. Not far south, however, lies the Lake Manyas which is a natural park and a beauty spot with a bird sanctuary.
Bandirma was formerly known as Panderma.

13th century: Used by Christian Crusaders as a base in their operations against the Greeks and local tribes of Anatolia. At this time it was known as Panormos.
14th century: Conquered by the Ottomans and incorporated into their kingdom.
1922: During the Turkish War of Independence is Bandirma heavily bombed, and largely destroyed.

By Tore Kjeilen