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Akhisar, Turkey.
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Akhisar, Turkey. Photo: Dick Osseman.

Akhisar, Turkey.
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Photo: Dick Osseman.

Town in western Turkey with 90,000 inhabitants (2004 estimate).
The town of Akhisar and its surrounding region has a rich production, including cotton, tobacco, graphite, opium, wool, raisins and dyes. The Akhisar Plain produces about 10% of all of Turkey's tobacco.
Akhisar is well-connected with other urban centres by rail and road. Manisa is 60 km southwest, Izmir 85 km southwest and Balikesir 150 km north.

Archaeological finds prove the existence of settlement here going back to 3000 BCE.
6th century BCE: The town of Pelopia, probably founded by the Lydians.
290: Becomes a Macedonian colony, and renamed Thyatira.
190: Becomes part of the Kingdom of Pergamon (see Bergama) and served as an important station for the trade going into Anatolia.
15th century CE: Becomes part of the Ottoman Empire.

By Tore Kjeilen