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Abdullah 2
Arabic: ¢abdu llahi bni hussaynPlay sound

King Abdullah 2 of Jordan

King Abdullah 2.

(Born 1962) King of Jordan since 1999.
Abdullah's reign has been one of stability, progress and great economic growth. Most of his first 10 years have had annual growth rates at 6%. Much of this is of course linked to the many Iraqis seeking refuge in Jordan since 2003, bringing money and expertise, but reforms and the system of economic zones have also contributed largely.
Several reforms to improve political mechanisms have been put into effect by his command, as well as regulations on press freedom. Although, criticized for both limited democracy and freedom of speech, Abdullah's Jordan is one of more plurality and freedom than before.
Abdullah has been active in mediating in peace matters in the Middle East, whether between Israel and Palestine or between Israel and Lebanese Hizbullah.
Abdullah was named crown prince less than 2 weeks before he was sworn in as regent of Jordan, following the declaration of the clinical death of his father, Hussein 1.
Through his adult life, Abdullah has been a career soldier, and was until the time he was declared crown prince, commander of the Special Forces of Jordan. The Special Forces has been central in controlling internal order in Jordan, and they were in action no later than 1998.
Abdullah has for years mainly been known for his interests in extreme sports.
He is married to the Palestinian Queen Rania, and has 4 children, Prince Hussein, is the oldest born in 1994.

1962 January 30: Born in Amman as son of King Hussein 1 and the English-born Queen Mona (orig. Toni Gardiner).
1963: Abdullah is named crown prince.
1965: Abdullah is replaced as crown prince by his uncle, Hassan, after King Hussein amends the constitution to allow also brothers to be heirs of the Jordanian throne. The background for this change, was that Hussein had been exposed to a number of assasination attempts, and did not take the risk of leaving Jordan in the hands of an infant.
1966: Abdullah is sent to England to attend school. Later he continues his education in the USA.
1980: Abdullah joins the British military academy at Sandhurst, and later serves with the British army.
1993 June: Abdullah marries Rania al-Yassin, of Palestinian descent.
1999 January 25: Abdullah is announced new crown prince, replacing his uncle
February 5: Abdullah is sworn in as regent of Jordan, the day after his father is declared clinically dead.
February 7: Abdullah is crowned new king, few hours after his father real death.
2004 November 28: Takes away the title and position of crown prince from his half-brother, Hamza. No new heir is named.

By Tore Kjeilen