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Arabic: hassan bni talāl hāshimPlay sound

Prince Hassan of Jordan

(1947-) Prince of Jordan, crown prince 1965-1999.
Brother of former king Hussein 1 and uncle of King Abdullah. Hassan has through the years been one of his brother's closest advisors.
He has been active in the work of bringing different religions together for interfaith dialogue, and is educated in Oriental studies from Christ Church in Oxford.

1947 March 20: Born in Amman as the son of crown prince Talal (later king) and Zeini sh-Sharaf bint Jamil.
1965: Hassan is named crown prince of Jordan, deposing his nephew, the 3-year old Abdullah. The background for this change, was that Hussein had been exposed to a number of assasination attempts, and did not take the risk of leaving Jordan in the hands of an infant.
1968: Hassan marries Indian-born Sarvath Ikramullah.
1999 January: Abdullah is appointed crown prince, deposing Hassan.

By Tore Kjeilen