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First Sahara oasis

Biskra, Algeria

Biskra, Algeria

Biskra, Algeria

Coming from the north, Biskra will give you a feeling of what is waiting further south. This is an oasis of 150,000 date palms producing first class dates. Exploring the palmeraie, or bathing in the thermal baths are among the more popular things to do for visitors. The city of Biskra is a charming place, though there is little architecture beyond modern buildings and wide roads. The market of Biskra is worth the visit, also for buying your own bags of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Eat and Sleep
Surprising wide range of both hotels and restaurants, especially good on restaurants.

Air flights to Algiers, Adrar, Gharda´a and Tamanrasset. Train connections to Constantine (4h) and Touggourt (4h30m). Buses and taxis will bring you to all likely destinations.

Going Next
200 km south: Touggourt
300 km southeast: El-Oued
80 km northeast: Batna
200 km west: Abu Saada

By Tore Kjeilen