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Ski resort

Chrea, Algeria

Chrea, Algeria

Yes. It is true, skiing can be done on real snow, and not too far away from Algiers. At 1,500 metres there are realtively good snow conditions, even if facilities are moderate, so bringing your own skis and doing some walking should not surprise you. In summer, Chréa is a good escape from the heat of Algiers, and there are many walking trails in the area.
From around 1992 until 2002 Chrea was off limits, but the season of 2003 saw the return of skiers and children playing in the snow.

Eat and Sleep
In the early 1990's there was one OK hotel, but we have no confirmation that it still exists. Back then, there was little outside the hotel of places to eat, and that situation has certainly not improved yet.

Buses connect Chréa to Blida.

By Tore Kjeilen