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The great mosque

Blida, Algeria

Blida, Algeria

Blida, Algeria

Blida was founded by immigrants from Andalusia in the 16th century, and serves as the administrative and commercial centre for an area where olives and citrus fruits are produced. There is nothing to see here, but the mosque is one the more beautiful of Algeria. It has a dome in turquoise, and four minarets with tiles.
In the late 1990's, Blida became almost famous, but in the most negative way,- it is here that a great majority of the worst incidents of terrorism during the civil war of Algeria have been, throat slitting, decapitated heads on poles etc.

Eat and Sleep
OK on hotels, some basic possibilities on places to eat.

Good bus connections to many places in Algeria, as well as train connections to Oran and Algiers.

Going Next
20 km southeast: Chréa
50 km northeast: Algiers

By Tore Kjeilen