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Not what it was
With the nearby Jerba, there is little interest from a tourist's point of view for visiting Zarzis. But the town was very popular among French military on leave during the time of the protectorate. Today the city is not very much more than most other towns in Tunisia, but the beaches are quite good. One day visitors should try to get to Zarzis on Mondays or Fridays when the market gives the town new life.

Zarzis, Tunisia

There is a touristic zone a few kilometres north of town, but the atmosphere here should be a prove to Tunisian developers that the entire coast can not be tuned into tourism.

Hotels and alternatives
Zarzis has a very good selection of hotels in both budget and middle sections – where value for money is good even in summer (Zarzis' climate allows tourism all year round). There are 2 zones of hotels, the ones in town centre, and the ones in the touristic zone along the beach.
The best hotels in Zarzis are good 3 star places, which offer comfort but not really luxury.

Restaurants and alternatives
No problems finding a place to eat for the evening. Zarzis has both cheap and more up-market places.

Very little. People stroll the streets some hours after sunset, but there is little in terms of bars and places to go dancing.

Change Money
No problems. Banks, ATMs and exchange service in the receptions in the better hotels.

It is very easy to arrive in Zarzis, or leave. The bus station and the station for shared taxis are located next to one another, and not too far from the port.
Being the largest town around, you easily get connections for all likely destinations. If you're going to Libya, go first to Ben Guerdane, and get your final connection from there.

By Tore Kjeilen