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Only pass through
Since nobody else seem to write anything about Jorf, we do it. Not that there is much to say, all that Jorf tries to do, is sell some ice cream, cakes, sodas of hot fast food to people waiting for the ferry to Jerba. But there is one thing that is nice here, the soft coast with the blue and red fishing boats lying on shore.

Jorf, Tunisia

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing. The closest hotels are in Houmt Souq (22 km plus about 15 minutes on the ferry) on Jerba.

Restaurants and alternatives
Some very simple cafés only along the road. The first real restaurants are found in Houmt Souq.

Change Money
Nothing. Closest is again Houmt Souq.

The ferry run very frequently, with about 3 departures/hour. There are however long queues at certain times of the day.

By Tore Kjeilen