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Frontier oasis
Hazoua, Tunisia

Hazoua is definitely out of the way for all Western travellers. It is the last settlement before Algeria, and there is little of traditional architecture in town. Still it is a town (3000 inhabitants), and there is a widespread oasis to the south. There is also a date "factory". As a matter of fact, the oasis of Nefta, 35 km east, never ends before the one of Hazoua begins.
The main attraction of this journey would be to take in the drama of the landscape. To the north of the road lies endless sandy steppes with a few hills and scattered bushes. A bit to the south stretches a line of oasis gardens, before the sand wins again. There is no horizon here, somewhere out there everything dissolves into the sky above.

Hazoua, Tunisia

Hazoua, Tunisia

Border control to Algeria.

Hazoua has a couple of running restaurants, where the speciality are grilled chicken. One even has signposts for "hotel", but there was nobody around to tell me whether it was open or closed.
Hazoua has fair connections to Nefta and beyond.
Upon my last visit, in September 2005, the border post was operative and friendly-staffed. Hazoua is the main post to El Oued 110 km southwest.

By Tore Kjeilen