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Dusty nowhere

Let's be frank. There is little to see in Wadi Halfa, and the place bares all possible traces of being a junction, a stop over on the journey between Egypt and the Sudan. And as the present situation is, your stop over here could become longer than planned. Communications on from Wadi Halfa are following its own logics, as trains leave every.... eeh, once in a while. The curse of Wadi Halfa can be spotted from two highly different angles. Inside Wadi Halfa you can take a look at the structure for serious fishing that has been put up by communist China. It's now more than 20 years ago, and very little still seems to come around. Some kilometres out of town you can visit the Onatti Motel, where the will to do something have created a pleasant little oasis complete with fruit trees and real grass.

Eat and Sleep
OK eat and OK sleep. Both are very cheap, an mainly aiming at travellers not expecting luxury.

You will probably end up taking the bus, and cursing yourself for not bringing a pillow along on the trip. Out here in the country of nowhere, the definition of 'road' is slightly different from what you're used to. The buses go on the road following the Nile. The train is unreliable, but somewhat more comfortable than buses. And quicker, running straight through the desert.

Going Next
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700 km south: Atbara

By Tore Kjeilen