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The old caravan centre



Ouadane has some of the most impressive ruins of Mauritania. It is all set in the hillside, with buildings that blend with the rocks, both from colour and now their crumbling status. Well, with 800 years since the construction, one should rather be impressed with how much is still there. Exploring this area is highly awarding, as there is so much to inspire your fantasy, especially if you have access to some historical facts, either from some of the locals here, or from some knowledgable in Chinguetti. Ouadane was once an important centre for camel caravans, when salt, dates and gold were the main merchandise. Of the ruins, the old mosque and the Ksaru l-Klali stand out.
There is still a village here, situated above the old one, and inhabited by the Idawalhajj tribe, of Berber origin. The positioning of the whole village is strikingly beautiful, with an oasis, palmeraie, and sand dunes.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing. Either hope for the hospitality of the locals, or go for your own arrangement (like camping).

You will have to arrange for your own transportation, principally with a 4WD. You could strike lucky and get a ride (not free, of course) with somebody going this way. In theory, you could walk this way, but that should only be in winter and with enough provisions.

Going Next
7 km northwest: Tin Labbé
40 km northeast: Guelb er Richat
120 km southwest: Chinguetti

By Tore Kjeilen