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"Little of this, little of that"- ruins

Tocra, Libya

Tocra, Libya

While Tukra originally was founded by the Greeks around 510 BC, it is the Roman ruins, the Byzantine church, and the Turkish fort that makes Tukra worth the detour. In total, Tukra doesn't reach up to the same level as the other ancient sites around Akhdar Mountains.
As it could be included on your itinerary, Tukra must be seen as an example of the more modest city, not built on wealth. Therefore Tukra is a better representative for understanding how the majority of ancient urban dwellers lived. Unfortunately, large parts are still unexcavated, and I think that will remain the situation for still long time.
The old village centre is worth the visit, it is charming, and comes very much alive during market day.

Eat and Sleep
There is nothing of hotels or restaurants in Tukra.

With local buses and taxis you can easily get to Benghazi.

Going Next
25 km east: Al-Marj
35 km northeast: Tulmaytha
75 km southwest: Benghazi

Other spellings / Tocra; Teucheira; Aquriya

By Tore Kjeilen