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Ras Hillal

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Church on the peninsula

Ras a-Hillal, Libya

Ras a-Hillal, Libya

Ras al-Hillal occupies a delightful location, on a rocky peninsula. The main attraction here is the Christian basilica, one of few remains of a past when it was an important port of the region, together with Apollonia, serving Cyrene and the rest of the region.
Of the church there is little but the base left, but some of the floors are highly decorative. Unfortunately for visitors out here, mosaics have been moved to the museum at Apollonia.
About 14 km from the peninsula, there is the Shallal Ras al-Hillal, a tiny waterfall, which is quite impressive in one respect / It flows all through the year! Remember where in the world you are!

Ras a-Hillal, Libya

Eat and Sleep
There is a poor tourist village here, and by now, a new one should be open. Food is also served here.

Shared taxis pass by here, doing the stretch between Derna and Susa.

Going Next
25 km west: Apollonia
30 km west: Susa
40 km southwest: Cyrene
10 km east: L'Atrun
40 km east: Derna

By Tore Kjeilen